Coles Ultimate 40% Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Coles Ultimate 40% Chocolate Chip Cookies were voted Product of the Year 2017 in its cat­egory by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation, an annu­al Nielsen poll of more than 14,000 Australian shop­pers. And the secret behind their ‘innov­at­ive-ness’ lies in their being the only baked in-store cook­ie with 40% chocol­ate chips using real but­ter and real chocol­ate chips (as opposed to com­pound chocol­ate, mar­gar­ine and palm oil — with ‘nat­ur­al but­ter fla­vour­ing’ in the ones by Woolworths).

The res­ult of using real ingredi­ents? A truly deli­cious cook­ie that tastes more like chocol­ate chips held togeth­er by cook­ie dough than cook­ies with chocol­ate chips. And that’s not a com­plaint — they’re deli­cious and more­ish, thick with a chewy cook­ie dough tex­ture and a rich chocol­ate fla­vour.

Duly impressed, we were pleased to dis­cov­er these sim­il­ar Coles Ultimate 40% White Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The blonde chocol­ate chip cook­ies were deli­cious, but these went bey­ond — more chocol­ate could only make them bet­ter. It’s a dec­ad­ent rich in chocol­atey good­ness from the chewy chocol­ate cook­ie itself to the chocol­ate chips as well as the white chocol­ate chips, which melt in your mouth.

These cook­ies are well worth the votes. For more a more crispy cook­ie with 40% chocol­ate chips, Coles also makes a pre-boxed ver­sion in the bis­cuit aisle

These Coles Ultimate 40% Chocolate Chip Cookies con­tained 6 cook­ies. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.