Cadbury Dark Milk

In mid-2017, Cadbury launched their Cadbury Dark Milk range that’s a ‘per­fect blend of rich cocoa notes with the smooth taste of Cadbury Milk Chocolate’. This mar­ket­ing con­fused me — and still con­tin­ues to — because a dark­er ver­sion of milk chocol­ate is just chocol­ate with high­er cocoa con­tent and that’s been around since forever. Nothing to make a big fuss over.

Each bar — they also come in blocks now — is sep­ar­ated into roun­ded rect­an­gu­lar seg­ments and stamped with the Cadbury logo.

Confusion over the fuss about these chocol­ates aside, this Dark Milk tastes deli­cious. As it implies, the fla­vour is dark­er than milk chocol­ate — the pack­aging doesn’t indic­ate the per­cent­age of cocoa con­tent — but avoids the intense sweet­ness that often accom­pan­ies the bit­ter­ness and leaves an unpleas­ant after­taste from most dark chocol­ate pur­chased in Australia. The fla­vour is vel­vety smooth and gently sweet with a pleas­ant hint of bit­ter­ness.

This bar of Cadbury Dark Milk con­tained 35 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and received free via a pro­mo­tion at Coles in 2017.