Cadbury Dairy Milk Craving 4 Coffee

Coffee and chocol­ate are a tasty pair­ing. Indeed mochas used to be my favour­ite cof­fee order (but now I’m all for sweetened long black cof­fees). This Cadbury Dark Milk Craving 4 Coffee fea­tures four dif­fer­ent cof­fee fla­vours to sat­is­fy every­one with ‘smooth flow­ing fla­vours of flat white, mocha, car­a­mel latte and iced cof­fee’ inside each milk chocol­ate square.

The four fla­vours taste quite sim­il­ar. From what I could tell, left to right –

  • Iced Coffee has the most prom­in­ent cof­fee fla­vour of the four. It’s a sweet and rich cof­fee.
  • Mocha has a strong cof­fee fla­vour but without evid­ent notes of chocol­ate.
  • Flat White has the mild­est cof­fee fla­vour of the four.
  • Caramel Latte has a round fla­vour with the car­a­mel most evid­ent in the fin­ish.

While the dif­fer­ent cof­fee fla­vours are dif­fi­cult to dis­tin­guish, over­all the mix of cof­fee and chocol­ate is very enjoy­able and we’d eat this again.

This pack­age of Cadbury Dark Milk Craving 4 Coffee con­tained 200 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.