Brothers Toffee Apple Cider

This Brothers Toffee Apple Cider is one of the more unique ciders we’ve come across, fall­ing more into the ‘dessert’ cat­egory than oth­ers. It’s described as an apple ‘blend of cream soda and smoul­der­ing tof­fee’. Funnily enough, it has pear cider as its base and instead gets its apple fla­vour from apple juice from con­cen­trate.

The cider is a trans­lu­cent golden amber col­our with a very sweetly acid­ic nose as well as light car­bon­a­tion. Served chilled, the cider truly deliv­ers on its prom­ised ‘tof­fee apple’ fla­vour with sweet notes of ripe apple com­ing through in the head of each sip that gives way briefly to a crisper apple fla­vour in the body ahead of very prom­in­ent tof­fee notes emer­ging in the fin­ish. ‘Smouldering’ aptly describes the tof­fee notes, which have an edge like what you’d find in burnt car­a­mel and deliv­ers an oddly acid­ic yet sweet fla­vour that that’s not quite like fresh apples, but also not sick­en­ingly sweet like candy, and lingers briefly in the after­taste.

This bottle of Brothers Toffee Apple Cider con­tained 275 ml. It was bottled in England and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.