Zokoko, Emu Heights

Zokoko is a bean to bar chocol­ati­er whose chocol­ate is reg­u­lar gold medal­ists both loc­ally at the Sydney Royal Show and the International Chocolate Salon.

With such accol­ades, D and I were always curi­ous to try while he worked in the Blue Mountains, but nev­er had the chance as they closed early on the week­ends. Six months on, we made it on a week­day.

I start with an Iced Chocolate ($5.00). The chocol­ate fla­vour isn’t par­tic­u­larly rich with the dairy notes of the milk com­ing through prom­in­ently, leav­ing me rather unim­pressed.

D tries their Mocha ($4.00), which is a tasti­er exper­i­ence. The cof­fee has dis­tinct fruity notes that make for a more roun­ded mouth­feel that mel­lows the bit­ter­ness in many cof­fees.

There’s also an assort­ment of cakes and slices — brownies and blon­dies — and tarts. We’re feel­ing dec­ad­ent and go for a Mud Cake ($10.00).

The cake is rich with a smooth and dis­tinctly intense chocol­ate frost­ing. We think the cake could be moister — though it is by no means dry — and enjoy the fruity notes in the chocol­ate like in the mocha.

Zokoko is loc­ated in an indus­tri­al estate area, mak­ing it more of a des­tin­a­tion than some­where to drop by. We enjoy the qual­ity of the food, though we’re dis­ap­poin­ted by the lack of menu or advert­ised prices.

Zokoko is loc­ated at 3/​84 – 90 Old Bathurst Road, Emu Heights NSW 2750.