Yunding Mini Mooncakes

Mooncakes are tra­di­tion­ally eaten dur­ing the Mid-Autumn Festival. Growing up, I was nev­er too fond of them, pre­fer­ring Western desserts to Asian ones. But this year in Sydney’s Chinatown, I dis­covered a twist on the tra­di­tion­al lotus paste moon­cake with these fla­voured Yunding Mini Mooncakes.

They’re mini moon­cakes about 6 cm in dia­met­er and fla­voured with lycheetiram­isumango and hon­ey­dew.

This is the Lychee Mooncake. The lychee comes through strongly in the aroma, although it’s markedly less intense — although still notice­ably there — on the pal­ate behind the lotus paste. It’s a very nat­ur­al lychee fla­vour with noth­ing arti­fi­cial or cloy­ing about it. The lotus paste is less smooth than some oth­er brands of moon­cake but still pleas­ant.

This is the Tiramisu Mooncake. In stark con­trast to the oth­er fla­vours, the inside of this moon­cake is a deep brown col­our. The fla­vours of cof­fee and chocol­ate come through just as prom­in­ently in the taste as in the fla­vour. It’s bal­anced sweet­ness and def­in­itely reminds of a tiram­isu, but notes of lotus paste per­sist through the strong fla­vours of cof­fee and chocol­ate for a truly enjoy­able ‘exot­ic’ moon­cake.

This is the Mango Mooncake. The moon­cake is a shade deep­er brown than the golden yel­low of the lychee. The mango fla­vour comes through as a trop­ic­al aroma that’s not imme­di­ately recog­nis­able as mango. The fra­grance of the lotus paste comes through but the mango fla­vour is not arti­fi­cial and com­ple­ments nat­ur­ally.

This is the Honeydew Mooncake. The smell of mel­on is evid­ent from just open­ing the pack­aging, and becomes more prom­in­ent and iden­ti­fi­ably hon­ey­dew mel­on fla­vour on tast­ing. The hon­ey­dew mel­on is fresh and bal­anced is sweet­ness and intens­ity but again does not over­whelm the lotus paste base.

Overall, these fla­voured moon­cakes were a pleas­ant sur­prise in their bal­anced sweet­ness and intens­ity. I had expec­ted fla­vours that tasted arti­fi­cial and candy-like but these are nat­ur­al and com­ple­ment­ary.

These Yunding Mini Mooncakes con­tained 50 g. They were pro­duced in Malaysia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.