The Gozleme Co, Lidcombe

Gozleme was a staple at the food court at UNSW dur­ing my early days as a stu­dent there (long before they replaced all the shops with com­mer­cial chains), but I’d always grav­it­ated to the naans and the kebabs. The Gozleme Co has been around in Sydney for a while since I gradu­ated, and I get around to try­ing it two years after N regalss me with descrip­tions of her exper­i­ence at the branch in Merrylands.

This Potato & Spinach Gozleme ($9.50) with potato, spin­ach and feta cheese that I try is N’s favour­ite.

The gozleme is more­ish with the feta adding a deli­cious but­tery fla­vour to the soft­ness of the potato and fresh­ness of the spin­ach.

D tries the Moroccan Lamb ($11.00) with ‘slow cooked mar­in­ated lamb, spin­ach and feta cheese’.

The lamb is tender and its gamey fla­vour togeth­er with the feta makes for a sas­ti­fy­ing gozleme that’s a tad heav­ier than the potato and spin­ach. While enjoy­able, D lamen­ted that there wasn’t more meat (he would be a car­ni­vore if veget­ables weren’t needed to stay alive…) so it’s not a food item for which he’d have crav­ings.

The Gozleme Co is loc­ated at Shop G-013 (Food Court), Lidcombe Shopping Centre, 92 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe NSW 2141.