The Dessert Kitchen, Haymarket

Looking up The Dessert Kitchen online recently, I was sur­prised by its low rat­ings. N and I gen­er­ally avoid any­thing that scores less than a 3 (out of 5) on Zomato and this place scored a 2.9. We’d vis­ited as it opened before rat­ings were a thing, and were impressed enough to return. The place is not amaz­ing and the ser­vice is inat­tent­ive but the desserts are very decent and enjoy­able. There are worse options.

That said, they always seem to be out of three of the sev­en fla­vours on their menu so in lieu of our first choice of straw­berry shaved ice, we try the Matcha Shaved Ice ($11.50) with rice balls, red bean and nata de coco. As we’d expec­ted, the shaved ice is beau­ti­fully creamy with some bite before it melts on your tongue. The matcha fla­vour is prom­in­ent and fra­grant with a hint of pleas­ant bit­ter­ness, while the red bean is sweet and tender. We’re not fans of the rice balls, which don’t have the elasti­city of pearls or mochi, or the nata de coco, which has a weird chem­ic­al fla­vour.

We man­age to catch their Strawberry Shaved Ice ($11.50) on anoth­er vis­it with rice balls, fresh straw­ber­ries and nata de coco. The straw­berry shaved ice has a pleas­antly fresh straw­berry fla­vour. There’s marked notes of straw­berry syr­up, but the fresh­ness of the straw­berry comes through increas­ingly as you con­tin­ue to eat. The top­pings are neither here nor there for us, we’d be happy for a lower price to forgo the top­pings.

Ube is their fla­vour for winter and these are their Purple Ube Dream Eggette ($11.00).

It comes with an ube eggette, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and fresh ube and straw­ber­ries.

The ube eggette is a beau­ti­ful purple col­our, and for the parts that weren’t slathered in whipped cream or ice cream, deli­ciously crispy on the out­side with tender innards. Otherwise, the eggette became unpleas­antly soggy. As for ube fla­vour, it’s rather weak com­pared to the bright­ness of the purple and we’d have enjoyed a punch of fla­vour per­haps with ube ice cream instead of vanilla.

Polar Bear Hong Kong Style Milk Tea ($6.50) with a polar bear marsh­mal­low also fea­tured on their menu dur­ing the cool­er months.

Unfortunately, much to my des­pair, the marsh­mal­low flipped upside down just as I was pla­cing it into the hot tea, which melted the marsh­mal­low instantly, leav­ing only this sad mess. Clumsiness aside, the tea itself was heavy on the dairy without much tea fla­vour.

For com­plete­ness, this is how cute the polar bear should’ve looked. Alas, the tea itself was not some­thing I’d want to reorder.

For all its flaws, The Dessert Kitchen does make deli­cious shaved ice with enjoy­able red bean eggettes. We’ll keep return­ing.

The Dessert Kitchen is at 78 Harbour St, Haymarket NSW 2000.