The Barossa Cider Co Squashed Pear Cider

Gifts often bring an oppor­tun­ity to try some­thing that you wouldn’t have oth­er­wise picked out for your­self. Like this The Barossa Cider Co Squashed Pear Cider. While it’s avail­able loc­ally, we took no notice of it before receiv­ing it as a gift from fam­ily vis­it­ing South Australia, the state where the cider is made.

The cider is a light golden straw col­our with a pleas­antly sweet and spicy pear nose and mod­er­ate car­bon­a­tion. Served chilled, a sweet­ness with bright notes of her­it­age pear comes through ahead of a hint of vanilla spice in the body that gives a smooth, round fla­vour before fin­ish­ing with a pro­nounced acid­ity that lingers shortly. The fla­vour of pear is bright with a full body yet less com­plex — without the flor­al and crisp notes — when com­pared to those that use Packham Pears.

This bottle of The Barossa Cider Co Squashed Pear Cider con­tained 330 ml. It was bottled in Australia and gif­ted by fam­ily vis­it­ing Adelaide, Australia in 2017.