Lipton Infused Water Pear & Elderflower with Green Tea

For people who find drink­ing water bland, this Lipton Infused Water Pear & Elderflower with Green Tea is mar­keted as ‘hydra­tion made easy’. It’s ‘still water, del­ic­ately infused with the nat­ur­al fla­vour har­mony of pear and eld­er­flower and a refresh­ing touch of green tea’.

The bever­age is still with trans­par­ent pale yel­low col­our with a flor­al nose that’s much like jas­mine green tea. Served chilled, sweet notes of pear come through ini­tially before devel­op­ing in sweet­ness and a slight acid­ity with eld­er­flower notes in the body before return­ing to the fra­grant pear notes in the fin­ish that linger in the after­taste along with a slight astrin­gency from the green tea. Interestingly, even though the bever­age is notice­ably pear fla­voured the ingredi­ents list ‘apple juice from con­cen­trate’ as the second ingredi­ent fol­low­ing water.

Overall, the bever­age is slightly thin or watery, tast­ing like fla­voured water as it’s mar­keted as rather than like a soft drink. That said, it may have more appeal as a ‘dry’ soft drink if it were car­bon­ated.

This bottle of Lipton Infused Water Pear & Elderflower with Green Tea con­tained 1.5 litres. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.