Lipton Ice Green Tea Jasmine Lychee

Lychee is eas­ily one of my greatest weak­nesses be it as a fresh fruit, an ingredi­ent in a dish or as a fla­vour. Essentially, a product needs only to label itself as con­tain­ing lychee for me to con­sider pur­chas­ing it. So I was stoked to find this Lipton Ice Green Tea Jasmine Lychee in the super­mar­ket cata­logue.

The ice tea is a trans­lu­cent straw col­our with a pleas­ant flor­al jas­mine nose. Served chilled, the sug­ar sweet­ness of the tea is very evid­ent at the head of the first sip. On sub­sequent sips, with the pal­ate accus­tomed to the sweet­ness, subtle veget­al notes of green tea come through briefly ahead of the mel­low trop­ic­al flor­al fla­vour of the lychee that builds in sweet­ness in the body before the lightly refresh­ing jas­mine reign the sweet­ness back and fin­ishes each sip. The ice tea leaves behind a crisp flor­al after­taste with a slight astrin­gency. Overall, the tea is sweet, and a stronger lychee and jas­mine fla­vour would be appre­ci­ated.

This bottle of Lipton Ice Green Tea Jasmine Lychee con­tained 1.5 L. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia.