Nestle KitKat Espresso Biscuit and Ganache Dark Chocolate

In mid-2017, Nestle intro­duced to its Kit Kat range three new fla­vours inspired by the KitKat Chocolatory in Melbourne. The focus of this range is on the dif­fer­ent tex­tures and fla­vours, and this here is the Nestle KitKat Espresso Biscuit and Ganache Dark Chocolate. These KitKat are ‘crisp wafer fin­gers topped with espresso bis­cuit pieces in dec­ad­ent ganache, all enrobed in rich dark chocol­ate’.

The deli­cious and unmis­tak­able aroma of espresso comes through on open­ing the pack­aging, with the espresso notes com­ing through just as strong — sweet and not at all bit­ter with the slight­est hint of salt — on tast­ing and bal­anced pleas­antly with the dark­ness of the chocol­ate that mel­lowed the sweet­ness of the ganache, while the crisp­ness of the wafer con­tras­ted well with the softer ganache and the firmer dark chocol­ate. The bal­ance of fla­vours and tex­tures in this KitKat elev­ates it bey­ond ordin­ary KitKats in Australia.

This pack­age of Nestle KitKat Espresso Biscuit and Ganache Dark Chocolate con­tained 140 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.