Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar

Coca Cola Australia joined many oth­er coun­tries around the world that have hopped onto espresso band­wag­on for the soft drink in September 2017. It’s called Coca Cola Plus Cofffee No Sugar.

The drink com­bines the tra­di­tion­al taste of Coke with ‘a dash of real cof­fee from Brazil’ and ‘subtle car­a­mel under­tones’ and con­tains ‘less caf­feine than the same amount of a reg­u­lar latte or flat white but a little more than clas­sic Coca-Cola’. ‘No sug­ar’ means it’s sweetened arti­fi­cially, not that it’s unsweetened.

The soft drink is an opaque deep brown black col­our with a car­a­mel nose and mod­er­ate-high car­bon­a­tion. The aroma of the soft drink is not entirely enjoy­able — like an acid­ic car­a­mel — although not unpleas­ant and reminds of sweetened cheap cof­fee. Thankfully, the taste is far super­i­or. Served chilled, enjoy­ably prom­in­ent notes of car­a­mel come through from the head of each sip and build in sweet­ness with the aroma of cof­fee devel­op­ing in the body, linger­ing briefly in the after­taste. Rather than a cof­fee fla­voured cola, I’d describe this as a car­bon­ated, car­a­mel-fla­voured black cof­fee with just the slight­est edge brought by the cola. It’s inter­est­ing.

This bottle of Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar con­tained 1.25 litres. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.