Woolworths Banana & Choc Bread

D has fond memor­ies of toasted banana bread slathered in melt­ing but­ter after a gruelling night shift. And while I nev­er quite shared the same fond­ness for banana bread, when we spot­ted this Woolworths Banana & Choc Bread a few months ago, we were delighted with the fla­vour. Unfortunately (or for­tu­nately, for our waist­lines), we soon dis­covered that it’s stocked only occa­sion­ally.

It comes pack­aged as a loaf of 5 indi­vidu­ally pack­aged 100 g slices, with the single slices we first encountered no longer for sale.

Warmed up in the toast­er, the banana bread devel­ops a crispy crust that hides the tender innards. The innards are moist from the banana and mol­ten chocol­ate chips that come through in equal meas­ure. We enjoy the obvi­ous taste of the banana in the bread, which avoids any overly floury fla­vour.

This pack­age of Woolworths Banana & Choc Bread con­tained 5 slices or 500 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.