Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Garden, Sydney

Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Garden con­tin­ues with their maid ser­vice, although much more stand­ard ‘wait­ress­ing’ than even the scaled back ‘ser­vice’ from 6 months ago. It remains quiet dur­ing lunch hour, but they seem to be pretty busy dur­ing the even­ing if the videos of the live per­form­ances still held instore are any indic­a­tion.

This time we’re here to try the latest addi­tion to their menu: Apple Pies ($6.00 each) with an apple and cus­tard filling.

The sweet cus­tard is smooth and flecked with vanilla, and bal­ances well with the slightly sour cubes of apple through­out. Overall, an enjoy­able apple pie, but it’s a shame that the pies are served cold as they’d be much more delect­able when served hot. That said, the pies could use an extra few minutes in the oven as the pastry looked a tad under­cooked.

We also their the Honey Cheesecake ($7.00) which the menu described as a ‘vari­ation of the ori­gin­al cheese­cake that sub­sti­tutes sug­ar with Australian honey and spe­cial impor­ted honey cubes to cre­ate a whole­some fla­vour that is just the right amount of sweet’.

What we got was instead their Honey & Black Tea Cheesecake. Apart from the ini­tial con­fu­sion about the absence of honey cubes and the pres­ence of tea fla­vour, we weren’t dis­ap­poin­ted. The tea fla­vour tastes much like an Earl Grey tea, with cit­rus notes accen­tu­ated by the lem­on syr­up on the plate. As with most of their cold cheese­cakes, the tex­ture is dense and creamy rather than light and fluffy, and the fla­vour of the cheese is not pro­nounced.

The Garden remains a con­veni­ent place to try smal­ler por­tions of their offer­ings.

Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Garden is loc­ated at Unit 1712, Regent Place, 103 Bathurst St, Sydney NSW 2000.