Tirol Choco Matcha Mochi

Tirol Choco is known for their indi­vidu­ally wrapped chocol­ate squares.The ori­gin­al fla­vour is kinako mochi, but the chocol­ates have been pro­duced in hun­dreds of fla­vours — includ­ing curry pan — over the years. They are sold indi­vidu­ally at con­veni­ence stores in Japan for ¥10 – 30 each as well as in small pack­ets, like this Tirol Choco Matcha Mochi.

Each small pack­et has 7 pieces.

The pack­aging sug­gests the fla­vour of the chocol­ate inside, here with mochi dus­ted with matcha.

Each piece of chocol­ate is 2 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm with a dark green matcha col­our and a pat­tern that dif­fers which each Tirol Choco fla­vour.

The chocol­ate has a fra­grant matcha aroma that’s not par­tic­u­larly rich or creamy but car­ries the matcha fla­vour well. The high­light on bit­ing through the chocol­ate though is the mochi centre which brings a more­ish chewy tex­ture in stark con­trast to the crisper chocol­ate. The matcha fla­vour in the mochi has a bright fresh­ness that con­trasts with the more dairy matcha latte notes in the chocol­ate. Overall, the con­trast in tex­tures and com­ple­ment­ing matcha fla­vours makes for an inter­est­ing and enjoy­able chocol­ate.

This pack­age of Tirol Choco Matcha Mochi con­tained 7 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Sydney Australia in 2017.