Three Williams, Redfern

Three Williams has long been floated about as a pos­sible lunch des­tin­a­tion for H and I. With truffles being in sea­son and H’s pen­chant for truffles, we finally make our way there.

It’s loc­a­tion in Redfern oppos­ite a pet­rol sta­tion and next to the fur­niture store belies its spa­cious and moody interi­or. Coming in on a clear day, you’d be for­giv­en for think­ing it’s just too dark inside, but you get used to it or score a rare table near the win­dows as we do.

I’m not a big fan of truffles so I opt for their nor­mal menu with the Maple Bacon Blini ($20.00).

It’s a buck­wheat pan­cake with maple bacon, sil­ver­beet, poached egg, apple hol­landaise, bacon crumb, chives.

The apple hol­landaise is what attrac­ted me to this dish and it did not dis­ap­point — the fresh apple notes added a bright­ness and sweet­ness to the oth­er­wise tangy hol­landaise. It went beau­ti­fully well with everything on the plate. The maple bacon was car­a­mel­ised with a deli­ciously crispy edge while remain­ing tender, and the pan­cake was light and fluffy — the per­fect vehicle for mop­ping up the beau­ti­ful runny eggs. The chives and the sil­ver­beet (hid­den under the eggs) added pops of fresh­ness that cut through the heav­i­ness of the bacon.

While the prices are steep, the present­a­tion and com­bin­a­tion of ingredi­ents and fla­vours of the dishes on the menu and on tables around me in the moody interi­or cer­tainly explain why Three Williams is such a favour­ite.

Three Williams is loc­ated at 613A Elizabeth St, Redfern NSW 2016.