Le Marche Francais Sparkling Pink Grapefruit

Bottles of Le Marche Francais Sparkling Pink Grapefruit fea­tured at Aldi in mid-2017. These soft drink is pro­duced in France and bottled in thick glass. The thick glass — like ramune Codd-neck bottles — can with­stand a high­er pres­sure mak­ing the drink highly car­bon­ated and best opened after chilled to avoid the con­tents com­ing out like a foun­tain. The reseal­able lid makes them also per­fect for reuse and stor­ing oth­er drinks.

The soft drink is a trans­lu­cent pale pink with a refresh­ing grapefruit nose and high car­bon­a­tion. Served chilled, a sweet­ness per­sists through­out each sip ahead of a very mel­low grapefruit fla­vour with refresh­ing gentle bit­ter cit­rus notes emer­ging in the body before reced­ing and linger­ing slightly in the after­taste. The notes of grapefruit are much stronger in the nose than the taste, mak­ing the smell an integ­ral part of enjoy­ing the drink. We’d have enjoyed a more prom­in­ent grapefruit fla­vour in the taste to elev­ate it from ‘sweet, fizzy water with a hint of grapefruit’ to a true ‘grapefruit soft drink’.

This bottle of Le Marche Francais Sparkling Pink Grapefruit con­tained 750 ml. It was bottled in France and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.