Seikatsuha Corn Soup

There are recipes for corn pot­tage that I’m keen to try, but noth­ing beats the con­veni­ence of instant pack­ets of it when you’re on the go. With S&B’s ver­sion being a let­down, this here is Seikatsuha Corn Soup.

Each box comes with 8 sachets of powdered soup. It’s a pale yel­low col­our with dried corn ker­nels through­out.

To make the soup, we add 150 ml of boil­ing water and stir it gently for about 1 minute as the soup thick­ens.

The soup smells of corn and chick­en stock. On tast­ing, this comes through as a savoury soup with a rich sweet corn fla­vour that’s very com­fort­ing and without any hint of the corn­flour that plagues most powdered soups in Australia and the S&B ver­sion. The pops of corn ker­nels add an inter­est­ing chewy tex­ture to the smooth­ness of the soup but not much fla­vour. Nonetheless, this is one of the best brands of instant corn pot­tage I’ve tried.

This pack­age of Seikatsuha Corn Soup con­tained 8 sachets. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.