Ready Chef Homestyle Beef Lasagne

We’ve tried many dif­fer­ent brands of premade lasagne and I’m still yet to find a firm favour­ite. This next one I’m try­ing is Ready Chef Homestyle Beef Lasagne.

It fea­tures ‘homestyle fam­ily lasagne with lay­ers of rich, creamy bechamel and deli­cious beef Bolognese, lightly gar­nished with paprika’. Baking for 55 – 60 minutes at 200°C res­ults in a golden brown lasagne.

Paprika is the standout fla­vour in this lasagne. While it’s just ‘lightly gar­nished’, its fla­vour dom­in­ates along with strong notes of dairy — more milk than the more­ish fla­vours of cheese — that come through. It lacks the deli­ciously sweet and tangy fla­vours of tomato in the bolognese to cut through the dairy and bring the fresh­ness of fla­vour that makes lasagne so tasty. Finally, the pasta is much thick­er than oth­er brands, without addi­tion­al bolognese to bal­ance, res­ult­ing in many mouth­fuls of pasta, which D enjoys but I do not.

This pack­age of Ready Chef Homestyle Beef Lasagne con­tained 2 kg. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.