Oh! Matcha, Sydney

Oh! Matcha by Chanoma Cafe expan­ded in mid-2017 to World Square, with the shop serving drinks and soft serve exclus­ively. It’s a small space, pre­vi­ously occu­pied by nut and snack store, so there’s min­im­al seat­ing with enough for about 10.

N goes for their Iced Yuzu-Nade ($4.50 for reg­u­lar, $5.50 for large). After being dis­ap­poin­ted by the Honey Milk Yuzu Frappe, and with faith that they’d stopped using lem­on juice from Woolworths as they did in their hot yuzu tea a few years ago, N was pleased with this yuzu-nade.

And I have their Iced Hojicha Latte ($4.50 for reg­u­lar, $5.50 for large). The latte uses about 3/​4 milk to 1/​4 hojicha with the fla­vour of the hojicha being deli­ciously fra­grant with roas­ted notes and (hap­pily) mask­ing the dairy. The milk brings a full-bod­ied mouth­feel, which I enjoy, but I’m not a fan of milk gen­er­ally.

Oh! Matcha is loc­ated at Basement, World Square, 644 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.