Miso Japanese Restuarant, Sydney

Miso Japanese Restaurant has been tucked away in one of the dark­er alleys of World Square for many years. It serves teishoku and there’s a steady queue to join the diners inside around mid­day.

To start, I have the Grapefruit Juice ($4.80) with apple yuzu honey. The apple brings a sweet­ness that cuts through the slight sharp­ness of the grapefruit and a bright uplift­ing note comes from the yuzu honey. Overall, it’s a very bal­anced drink.

T tries the Popeye (left, $4.00) with spin­ach and mint and apple. It tastes like a healthy break­fast juice, not some­thing I’d want with my lunch. N tries the Cold Yuzu Green Tea ($4.00) which has an unap­pet­iz­ing chunky mouth­feel that’s like matcha powder mixed through with honey but not dis­solved. I pre­ferred T’s Popeye.

Not one to pass up an oppor­tun­ity to eat chir­ashi, this is the Chirashi & Sashimi Set ($21.80).

The chir­ashi comes with three long slices of sal­mon on a bed of sushi rice, topped with a hid­den bite of hon­eyed veget­ables, sal­mon roe, sliced egg and was­abi.

The sal­mon was fresh and the sal­mon roe added pops of savoury, but the sushi rice was much too vin­egared and needed the was­abi to cut through some­what. The rice to fish ratio was also off, requir­ing both N and I to sup­ple­ment from the plate of sashimi.

As in the chir­ashi, the sashimi was super fresh with delect­able bite. The sal­mon was fatty and smooth, while the king­fish brought the firmer bite without the fish­i­ness of tuna, and the surf clam had the addict­ive mouth­feel of squid or octopus. I always enjoy sea­weed salads and this was no excep­tion.

The set came with a vari­ety of side dishes: a bam­boo shoot and bean sprout salad tossed in a light chilli sauce (left) and potato salad (right) with car­rot, cucum­ber and corn mixed through. Both were enjoy­able, although the first side dish can vary — N received some greens tossed in soy sauce instead.

The miso soup has a gen­er­ous amount of wakame with tofu skins as well as cubes of tofu with a pleas­antly restrained savoury fla­vour.

Finally, plain yoghurt with a pop of mango syr­up and a grape fin­ishes the meal. I’m not a fan of plain yoghurt — the taste of the dairy makes me gag — but T enjoys the mini dessert.

Finally, T’s Tonkatsu Pork Loin Set ($19.80). The pork is on the (too) fatty side and while crispy, has a rather oily mouth­feel. We’ve had bet­ter tonkatsu else­where.

Overall, Miso Japanese Restaurant provides a wide vari­ety of Japanese fare, but not some­where we’d go out of our way to return. For com­fort food and that sati­ated feel­ing after hav­ing a deli­cious meal for an afford­able price, we’d return soon­er to Kura Kura.

Miso Japanese Restaurant is loc­ated at World Square, 20 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000.