Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial

This Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial is the bever­age that first intro­duced me to eld­er­flower in the early 2010s and has had me hooked ever since.

The cor­di­al is a trans­lu­cent pale yel­low col­our with a pleas­antly crisp flor­al nose. Diluted at a ratio of 1:10 in chilled still water, a sweet­ness comes through imme­di­ately in the head before the flor­al notes devel­op in the body ahead of a slightly dry fin­ish and no linger­ing after­taste. The flor­al notes of eld­er­flower light and refresh­ing, com­par­able to that of lychee, but more acid­ic and sweeter. When diluted with spark­ling water, the bubbles cut through some of the acid­ity and sweet­ness, remind­ing of a spark­ling apple juice.

This bottle of Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial con­tained 500 ml. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chase in Sydney, Australia in 2017.