Dare Cold Pressed Coffee Strong Latte

Dare accom­mod­ates those who prefer a more intense kick to their cof­fee than a latte with this Dare Cold Pressed Coffee Strong Latte. The pack­aging is sim­il­ar, although the strong ver­sion has a dark­er brown col­our.

As with the pack­aging, the cof­fee itself is an opaque dark­er shade of brown with a pleas­ant cof­fee nose. Served chilled, the cof­fee is intense with a marked note of bit­ter­ness but without the aro­mat­ic notes of a good cof­fee. The over­all fla­vour is flat, lacks sweet­ness and is not helped by the milk which imparts a very prom­in­ent dairy fla­vour and lingers on the pal­ate.

I would drink the latte, but not this strong latte, again.

This bottle of Dare Cold Pressed Coffee Strong Latte con­tained 300 ml. It was pro­duced in Australia and gif­ted as a sample in Sydney, Australia.