Daiso Select Yuzu Mochi

Yuzu is a fla­vour that I find dif­fi­cult to res­ist, so I was curi­ous when I spot­ted these Daiso Select Yuzu Mochi at our loc­al store.

Each bag con­tains sev­en pieces that are indi­vidu­ally wrapped. Each piece is a trans­lu­cent yel­low and dus­ted in sug­ar with a size of 1 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm.

The mochi has a gentle yuzu and rice flour smell that comes through dis­tinctly on tast­ing. The mouth­feel of the mochi is some­where between that of a gummy bear and agar agar jelly: the tex­ture is soft like agar jelly but there is a chew­iness that’s lack­ing from agar jelly, as well as a clean bite through the mochi unlike in firm gummy. There is none of the stretchi­ness you’d expect from poun­ded mochi, but it retains the notes of rice in the back­ground with sweeter, more uplift­ing notes of yuzu in the fore­ground. A more gummy-like tex­ture would make the mochi more deli­cious like candy, but then I’d be look­ing for yuzu gummy rather than yuzu mochi!

This pack­age of Daiso Select Yuzu Mochi con­tained 40 grams or 7 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.