Chobani Greek Yoghurt Passion Fruit

Passionfruit is one of my all-time favour­ite fla­vours and this here is Chobani Greek Yoghurt Passion Fruit.

The pulp is vis­ibly gen­er­ous and brings the tangy trop­ic­al notes of pas­sion­fruit but also the sweet­ness to bal­ance the sharp notes of the Greek yoghurt, while the seeds add a delight­ful crunch. As with oth­er Chobani yoghurts, it’s a bit lack­ing in the creamy depart­ment, with this one being even thin­ner than the rest of their range. That said, pas­sion­fruit remains one of the tried and true fla­vours in Chobani’s line up — it’s hard to go wrong with pas­sion­fruit.

This tub of Chobani Greek Yoghurt Passion Fruit con­tained 170 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.