Aji Ichiban Seaweed Tempura Wasabi

Tempura, sea­weed and was­abi are quint­es­sen­tial Japanese fla­vours. Mix them togeth­er and you get this Aji Ichiban Seaweed Tempura Wasabi.

Each piece is about 6 cm x 3 cm with tem­pura bits stick­ing to a sheet of sea­weed and dus­ted with was­abi season­ing.

The smell of was­abi is unmis­tak­able on open­ing the pack­age and per­sists through to the bold taste that makes no apo­lo­gies for being was­abi. Some pieces have more was­abi than oth­ers and these are the ones where the was­abi bor­ders on being so spicy that it’s bit­ter and goes up your nos­trils into your sinuses leav­ing you with a runny nose and watery eyes. For the vast major­ity where the was­abi is more reas­on­ably dis­trib­uted, it brings a pleas­ant heat to the crunch of the tem­pura and the more­ish umami of the sea­weed. Overall, though, they’re much too burn­ing-spicy to enjoy more than a few at a time.

This pack­age of Aji Ichiban Seaweed Tempura Wasabi con­tained 80 g. It was pro­duced in Japan and gif­ted by fam­ily vis­it­ing Hong Kong in 2017.