85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe, Haymarket

Market City under­went a major update of their din­ing pre­cincts in 2017. Gone is the dingy food court now replaced with trendy out­lets and fit out and no sign of the cheap plastic seats and dirty tables. 85 Degrees Bakery & Cafe is one new out­let in the Level 1 Dining Precinct and with it a large selec­tion of more tasty and invent­ive items than you’d see in more sub­urb­an branches of its stores.

This is the Coffee Mochi Red Bean Boroh ($2.80). It’s a cof­fee Danish dough with red bean filling and soft mochi, topped with crispy almonds and boroh crust. Boroh refers to pine­apple in Chinese (bo lo) with the asso­ci­ation taken from the pine­apple bun that is so named for the resemb­lance of its checkered sug­ary top crust to the epi­carp of a pine­apple and oth­er­wise con­tain­ing no pine­apple.

The inter­est­ing fla­vour com­bin­a­tion works here, with the cof­fee pasty hav­ing a strong aroma and being unsweetened to allow the sweet­ness of the red bean to come through. The mochi doesn’t add much in terms of fla­vour, but it does add a chew­iness. That said, I’d be happy to see it replaced with red bean for extra fla­vour. The crust and the almonds add a crunchy tex­tur­al con­trast to the softer pastry. While enjoy­able over­all, I’m not entirely sold on the fla­vour pair­ing of cof­fee and red bean.

This is the Japanese Cream Boroh Bun ($2.00), a soft and tender milk bread with cus­tard stuff­ing and crispy boroh on top.

This one does not both­er with the tra­di­tion­al checkered pat­tern of boroh. That said, the boroh — much like a sug­ar cook­ie — provides a crunch to the softer bread under­neath and the cus­tard. Both the boroh and the eggy vanilla cus­tard have a restrained sweet­ness that works well with the soft milk bread.

Moving away from boroh, this is the Asuki Pan ($1.80), a tra­di­tion­al sweet soft dough with a spe­cially made red bean filling.

The sweet­ness in this bread comes from the smooth red bean paste with the bread itself tast­ing more like a but­ter roll. A sticky and slip­pery sweet glaze cov­ers the bun, but any unpleas­ant­ness is countered by the nut­ti­ness of the black ses­ame seeds on top that goes well with the red bean.

And finally, for some real pine­apple, this is the Pineapple, Ham & Cheese Bun ($2.20). It’s a very simple com­bin­a­tion of fla­vours, but a very sat­is­fy­ing one with a refresh­ing pop of pine­apple and stringy cheese that doesn’t have the weird gluggy con­sist­ency of the cheese in the bread at Bread Top.

The bread at the 85 Degrees Cafe & Bakery in Haymarket is pleas­antly less sweet com­pared to oth­er stores that cre­ate Chinese style Western bread.

85 Degrees Cafe & Bakery is loc­ated at Level 1, Market City, 9 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000.