Tyrrell’s Veg Crisps

Veggie chips are my favour­ite meth­od for eat­ing veget­ables. Potato chips are deli­cious, so swap­ping out the potato for oth­er root veget­ables is a no-brain­er for tasty veget­ables. (That said, I prom­ise that I do not actu­ally eat veg­gie chips instead of my fresh veget­able intake.) And these here are Tyrrell’s Veg Crisps con­tain­ing beet­root, parsnip and car­rot crisps with sea salt.

These veg­gie chips retain their very much of their veget­able fla­vour, with the beet­root retain­ing its earth­i­ness, the car­rots have their sweet slightly harsh fla­vour, and the turnips sit­ting some­where between with its sweet nutty fla­vour. In essen­tials, you feel like you’re eat­ing veget­ables the entire time, which is great if you’re a fan of the veget­ables and want to feel like you’re eat­ing a healthy snack, but not when you’re after veg­gie chips of a more ordin­ary sort: the type more like the Veggie Crisps by DJ&A that use a vacu­um based cook­ing meth­od.

This bag of Tyrrell’s Veg Crisps con­tained 120 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.