The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar Toffee Apple Oolong

Oolongs are one of my favour­ite teas, par­tic­u­larly for their much more flex­ible, or for­giv­ing, steep times, but also for their fruity and nutty notes depend­ing on their levels of oxid­isa­tion. This here is The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar Toffee Apple Oolong with organ­ic oolong tea, freeze-dried apple and organ­ic nat­ur­al fla­vours.

The tea is a trans­lu­cent pale yel­low col­our with a gently sweet, fruity nose. Served hot, notes of sweet car­a­mel come through in the head with a beau­ti­fully creamy — without being dairy — mouth­feel ahead of the bright sweet­ness of fresh red apples in the body. The fruity notes of the lightly oxid­ised oolong make for the per­fect base for this tea, with a light astrin­gency com­ing through in the fin­ish.

Overall, this tea is bal­anced in sweet­ness and fruity fresh­ness with a con­fid­ent oolong base. It’s well worth adding to any tea col­lec­tion.

Toffee Apple Oolong appeared on The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar menus at 146 Abercrombie St, Redfern NSW 2016 dur­ing June 2017.