The Q on Harris, Ultimo

The Q on Harris has been on N and my radar for a while after we spot­ted a yuzu bru­lee tart on their Instagram in early 2017. We stopped by for lunch once, only to dis­cov­er that they don’t have a lunch ser­vice on Mondays.

I’d vis­ited the space when it was occu­pied by a dif­fer­ent cafe and the interi­or space remains much the same with the addi­tion of a cof­fee roast­er on site.

I get the Free Range Scrambled Eggs ($10.00) with sides of Honey Yuzu Fried Chicken ($5.00) and Thyme & Miso Butter Mushrooms ($5.00).

The scrambled eggs are silky smooth and seasoned just right, while the mush­rooms were deli­ciously more­ish in their but­tery and herby fla­vour.

The fried chick­en was juicy and tender, although the coat­ing was quite thick and togeth­er with the yuzu glaze that cre­ated a slight chem­ic­al-like fla­vour that left a bandaid-like after­taste linger­ing. But that’s all right because a quick dip into N’s was­abi mayo masked it entirely.

N tries their famed Kabuki Waffle ($22.00) with ‘free range fried chick­en, honey yuzu glaze, savoury waffles, cab­bage slaw, shichimi salt, was­abi mayo’.

She enjoys the eggy bri­oche-like waffles and the fried chick­en dipped in was­abi mayo. Some pieces of her chick­en were just cooked through (some still pink but not trans­lu­cent) and she also noted a chem­ic­al-like taste to the honey yuzu glaze on its own but didn’t make the same asso­ci­ation I did. Overall, the waffles and the fried chick­en were not enough to lift the dish with the undressed cab­bage not adding much fresh­ness.

And finally, the coveted Yuzu Brulee Tart ($7.00). It’s refresh­ing when cafes have their desserts lis­ted on their menus so there’s no stum­bling to the counter mid-order.

The tart has a beau­ti­ful car­a­mel­ised top that cracks crisply provides pops of sweet crispi­ness tex­ture to the yuzu cus­tard. The cus­tard is on the runny side — we’d prefer it to be firmer — with a fla­vour that’s dis­tinctly yuzu but mel­low without its sharp­er, uplift­ing notes. The base of the tart is per­fectly thin and crunchy, provid­ing tex­tur­al con­trast to the crisp top and the runny cus­tard. All in all, an enjoy­able tart.

We came for the dessert and we were sat­is­fied!

The Q on Harris is loc­ated at 597 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007.