Red Pepper Bistro, Strathfield

Strathfield is a mecca for Korean food. Korean food is known for its bold fla­vour, which is in stark con­trast to the light and simple fla­vours that see D and I favour­ing Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine. But men­tion fried chick­en and we’re keen. Located inside Strathfield Sports Club is Red Pepper Bistro with chick­en sold by the half or whole with a vari­ety of season­ings.

First up is Spring Onion Chicken (half for $19.00), crispy fried chick­en with was­abi sauce and fresh spring onion.

The standout is the was­abi sauce with its pleas­ant heat and gentle sweet­ness that reminds of Japan. It’s sticky, deli­cious and makes you want to mop up all the sauce.

And to pair, we also try the Sweet & Spicy Chicken (half for $19.00), crispy fried chick­en with a sweet and spicy sauce.

With the menu tout­ing the sauce as hav­ing a strong tomato fla­voured base, we were expect­ing a sweet chilli sort of fla­vour. Unfortunately, the actu­al sauce lacks any tomato fla­vour with the honey bring­ing a pro­nounced sick­en­ingly sweet fla­vour without enough spi­ci­ness to cut through.

And for the tofu lov­ers that are N and T this is the Soft Tofu Stew ($14.50), a spicy soup with soft tofu, egg, onion and zuc­chini. To date, there are no meth­ods by which I’ll enjoy eat­ing tofu and this dish is no excep­tion. But for those who do enjoy tofu, the tofu is smooth and soft with the soup hav­ing a pleas­ant heat and spi­ci­ness to it that adds much-needed fla­vour to the tofu.

As with most Korean meals, there are a bunch of com­ple­ment­ary side dishes. Here, we have bean curd skin (left) which has a deep savoury fla­vour and con­jac (right) that has a pleas­ant sea­food fla­vour and jelly like tex­ture.

And of course, the pickled veget­ables (clock­wise from top left): greens in a spicy vin­eg­ar; cab­bage, daikon and car­rot in vin­eg­ar; Chinese cab­bage in kim­chee season­ing; and juli­enned daikon in kim­chee season­ing. We’re fans of the vin­egared cab­bage, daikon and car­rot (top right) — they’re crunchy and pal­ate cleans­ing.

We’d return here for the Spring Onion Chicken and to try oth­er fla­vours and dishes on their menu.

Red Pepper Bistro is loc­ated at 4A Lyons St, Strathfield NSW 2135.