Prawn Hargow by Mr Chen’s

Hargow is one of our favour­ite items at yum cha. Alas, the steam­ers each con­tain­ing only four dump­lings each are only ever enough to whet our appet­ite and always leave us crav­ing for more. So, we’re great fans of this Prawn Hargow by Mr Chen’s at our loc­al supermarket.

Each box comes with 12 pieces arranged in a tray.

Steaming for 12 – 15 minutes deli­ciously juicy har­gow. The prawns are gen­er­ous in each dump­ling, mixed with bam­boo shoots to add extra crunch. The dough ratio is just right, hold­ing the innards securely without inter­fer­ing with enjoy­ment of the prawn and bam­boo filling. Overall, we prefer these to the ones at yum cha — the qual­ity is com­par­able to those at my favour­ite res­taur­ants, The Eight in Haymarket, at a frac­tion of the price.

This pack­age of Prawn Hargow by Mr Chen’s con­tained 300 grams. It was pro­duced in Vietnam and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.