Popcorn Chicken Go Bucket, KFC

After our hopes for spicy chick­en were dashed by the KFC mar­in­ated in Tabasco Sauce that tasted like cap­sic­um, KFC won over our hearts (and arter­ies) again with their Popcorn Chicken Go Bucket.

Popcorn chick­en or ‘bite size pieces of real breast fil­let chick­en tumbled in [their] sig­na­ture mar­in­ade and cooked in a crunchy coat­ing’ is a per­man­ent menu item at KFC, but this lim­ited edi­tion buck­et has over 80 pieces for $10.00.

The pieces of pop­corn chick­en vary in size dra­mat­ic­ally with the piece in the photo above being one of the biggest pieces in the buck­et. The smal­lest pieces are about a quarter of that size.

The size of the pop­corn chick­en may vary but each piece con­tains juicy chick­en breast without a single piece con­tain­ing just bat­ter. The coat­ing is deli­ciously tasty as you’d expect from KFC’s ori­gin­al recipe. It could be crunchi­er, although their soft­ness is likely the res­ult of being pip­ing hot and trapped in a buck­et with their steam.

We’d return for buck­ets of these bite-size morsels!

Popcorn Chicken Go Bucket appeared on KFC menus in Sydney, Australia from mid-May 2017.