Les Delices DL Thin Biscotti Chips Almond Cranberrry

Biscotti chips must fall under the same cat­egory as bagel crisps: extra crunchy, thin­ner ver­sions of their ori­gin­al forms. Biscotti are Italian bis­cuits and these here are Les Delices DL Thin Biscotti Chips Almond Cranberry from Canada, per­haps with a French influ­ence.

These thin bis­cotti chips smell lightly sweet and have the same fla­vour as a Swiss Roll. Of course, these are crunchy bis­cuits rather than fluffy cake. The bis­cuits are lightly spiced — nut­meg? — and have a gentle sweet­ness with the dried cran­ber­ries adding pops of acid­ity and chewy tex­ture to con­trast the crispy bis­cuit and the almond sliv­ers bring­ing the con­cen­trated almond fla­vour.

The pack­aging warns that these are addict­ive, which is true to some extent — eat­ing one bis­cuit inev­it­able sees me reach­ing for a second or third — but they’re not so addict­ive that I’d eat more than 10 at a time, although it may be more addict­ive if dipped in a drink to bring mois­ture.

This bag of Les Delices DL Thin Biscotti Chips Almond Cranberry con­tained 345 g. It was pro­duced in Canada and gif­ted by friends vis­it­ing from Toronto, Canada in 2017.