Hot Rods, KFC

In late May, I sug­ges­ted to D that it would be amaz­ing if KFC sold fried pieces of bone­less thigh meat. Lo and behold in June, KFC comes out with Hot Rods as their latest lim­ited edi­tion item.

These Hot Rods are everything I hoped for with a deli­ciously spicy and crunchy bat­ter cov­er­ing tender and juicy pieces of chick­en thigh. Dipping the stick into the aioli brings creamy tang that mel­lows the heat from the heat between bites for people who are sens­it­ive to spi­ci­ness like me. These Hot Rods are a tasty way to eat KFC without get­ting your hands oily!

Hot Rods appeared on KFC’s menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing June 2017.