Hokkaido Miso Japanese Ramen by Nissin Foods Sinagpore

Hokkaido Miso Japanese Ramen by Nissin Singapore is the final of three in the Japanese Ramen series. It uses strong aro­mat­ic miso powder and wakame sea­weed with with Nissin’s ‘secret recipe’.

The instant noodles are cooked in 550 ml of uncovered boil­ing water for 4 minutes. After remov­ing from the heat, the season­ing powder and season­ing oil are stirred through before adding top­pings of choice (usu­ally soft boiled eggs are easiest).

This fla­vour is our favour­ite of the three in the Japanese Ramen series. It has a fra­grant aroma from the miso and sea­weed that is quint­es­sen­tially Japanese with a rich­ness and depth of fla­vour that is lack­ing in the oth­er fla­vours. With the wakame sea­weed, there are the deli­cious crisp tex­tures without need­ing to worry about the soup turn­ing it to mush as is the case with dry sea­weed. The noodles also take on some of the savoury umami fla­vours of the broth, mak­ing for a truly enjoy­able instant ramen that stands on its own without beg­ging com­par­is­on with ‘bet­ter’ ver­sions at ramen restaurants.

This pack­age of Hokkaido Miso Japanese Ramen by Nissin Foods Sinagpore con­tained 116 grams of instant noodles with soup base. It was pro­duced in Singapore and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.