Hardys Hidden Orchard Juicy Pink and Zesty White Grapefruit

D and I are eas­ily seduced by deli­cious fruit fla­vours. And this Hardys Hidden Orchard Juicy Pink and Zesty White Grapefruit is no excep­tion. This is a red fruit wine with the fla­vours of white and pink grapefruit.

The wine is a trans­lu­cent light red with a bright, fruity and lightly tart nose. Served chilled or over ice, an intense sweet­ness and prom­in­ent notes of red wine dom­in­ate each sip with a bit­ter­ness in the fin­ish that does not recall the zesty sharp­ness of grapefruit — there’s little room for any grapefruit fla­vour to emerge.

Diluted at a ratio of 1 part wine to 1 to 2 parts soda water mel­lows the intens­ity of the wine with the pleas­ant sweet­ness of white grapefruit com­ing through gently in the body fol­lowed by the crisp, tangy and slightly bit­ter fla­vours of pink grapefruit in the fin­ish, and leav­ing a zesti­ness linger­ing on the pal­ate.

While dilut­ing the wine made it more pal­at­able and some­thing that’d fit right into sum­mer, the intens­ity of the dry red wine con­tin­ues to mask the more crisp and refresh­ing cit­rus fla­vours of the grapefruit and stop it from being some­thing easy to drink.

This bottle of Hardys Hidden Orchard Juicy Pink and Zesty White Grapefruit con­tained 750 ml. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.