Hanabi Fried Fish Balls

Fried fish balls are a quick and easy source of pro­tein to accom­pany noodle dishes, like udon and soba. This here are the Fried Fish Balls by Hanabi.

These fish balls are a kind of sur­imi so they’re balls of fish paste lightly deep fried. Each bag con­tains 24.

Asian gro­cery stores are my source for fish balls usu­ally, so I was a bit appre­hens­ive about these from a Western super­mar­ket. Turns out, though, my mis­giv­ings were unfoun­ded. They’re markedly less oily with a thin­ner skin than the ones from Asian gro­cery stores. With a sim­il­ar bouncy tex­ture on your teeth and without the spring onions, we enjoy these very much.

This pack­age of Hanabi Fried Fish Balls con­tained 500 g. It was pro­duced in ??? and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.