Eggette Waffle Bar, Rhodes

Eggettes are still hav­ing their hey­dey in Sydney with this shop in Rhodes even call­ing itself the Eggette Waffle Bar. Their menu also fea­tures ice cream and drinks that you’d expect from an Asian tea out­let.

We’re here for the Original Eggette Waffle ($4.50) and hap­pily, they cool the eggette after bak­ing to avoid sog­gi­ness and max­im­ise crispi­ness.

Unfortunately, the eggette waffle wasn’t cooled long enough, being still very warm when placed into the paper bag so the usu­al soft sog­gi­ness ensued.

The eggette waffle itself had a bright eggy fla­vour but the tex­ture was a bit doughy and dense, sug­gest­ing that it could’ve used an extra few minutes in the iron. That would’ve helped with brown­ing and crisp­ing up the edges and fluff­ing up the innards.

Eggette Waffle Bar is loc­ated near IKEA at Level 1, Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre, 1 Rider Blvd, Rhodes NSW 2138.