Chicken Big Mac, McDonald’s

In June 2017, McDonald’s came out with a Chicken Big Mac. It came in a spe­cial box designed to look like the bur­ger inside.

The ori­gin­al Big Mac comes with two beef pat­ties, ice­berg lettuce, cheese, onions and pickles, between a toasted ses­ame seed bun with their spe­cial sauce. The Chicken Big Mac swaps the beef pat­ties for the chick­en pat­ties that are usu­ally in the McChicken.

The sig­na­ture Big Mac sauce goes deli­ciously well with the chick­en, even more so than the tangy may­on­naise you usu­ally find in McChicken bur­gers. Our bur­ger was miss­ing the pickles and the onions — we didn’t notice at the time — but the addi­tion of onions wouldn’t have made a dif­fer­ence as D and I usu­ally order our bur­gers without onion although the pickles would’ve added a pleas­ant acid­ity. Without the pickles, the bur­ger tastes like an enjoy­able improved McChicken that we would be keen to eat again.

That said, the change in the type of meat is a dra­mat­ic change to the fla­vour of the bur­ger that it makes it dif­fi­cult to decide wheth­er we’d order it over an ordin­ary Big Mac. That prob­ably depends on wheth­er we feel like beef or chick­en in that moment.

The Chicken Big Mac appeared on McDonald’s menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing June 2017.