Blackberry Lemonade Freshly Brewed Ice Tea by Stolen Recipe

This Blackberry Lemonade Freshly Brewed Ice Tea by Stolen Recipe fol­lows on from the Watermelon Raspberry. That was Stolen Recipe #3 and this is #33, so I can only assume there are least 31 oth­er fla­vours — each Woolworths stocks one or two fla­vours with very few over­laps it seems.

The ice tea is a trans­lu­cent amber col­our with a pleas­ant fruity berry nose. Served chilled, sweet black­berry notes come through ahead of lightly sweet notes of white tea in the body before a tart lem­on note devel­ops towards the end, leav­ing a slightly astrin­gent fin­ish with a linger­ing berry aftertaste.

Overall, this black­berry lem­on­ade is enjoy­able but the fla­vour is not spe­cial. I prefer the bright­er fla­vours of ice teas made using a black or green tea base, as the light­er notes of white tea tend to be less thirst quenching.

This bottle of Blackberry Lemonade Freshly Brewed Ice Tea by Stolen Recipe con­tained 1 litre. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.