Barley Grass Jelly by Papparich

Barley appears in many forms in Asian drinks. There are drinks made from boil­ing roas­ted bar­ley in Japan and Korea to unroas­ted bar­ley in Malaysia and Korea. This here is a Malaysian twist, Barley Grass Jelly by Papparich. I’ve a severely soft spot for grass jelly after dis­cov­er­ing its deli­cious­ness soaked in sug­ar syrup.

The drink is sweetened bar­ley water with grass jelly. The bar­ley adds a chewy interest to the mel­low sweet­ness of the bar­ley water, while the grass jelly brings a soft slip­per­i­ness. That said, the fla­vour in the grass jelly isn’t par­tic­u­larly pro­nounced with min­im­al fla­vour and barely dis­tin­guish­able from the sim­il­arly col­oured cof­fee jelly that they also serve. Grass jelly fla­vour aside, the drink is an enjoy­able mix of tex­tures — per­fect for those look­ing for some­thing not too sweet.

Barley Grass Jelly appeared on Papparich menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing August 2017.