Watermelon Raspberry Freshly Brewed Ice Tea by Stolen Recipe

Ice teas are one of the most pal­at­able ways for D to enjoy non-green teas. They’re (mostly) sweet with a gen­er­ous fruity punch and this here is Watermelon Raspberry Freshly Brewed Ice Tea by Stolen Recipe.

The ice tea is a trans­lu­cent dull red col­our with a sweetly crisp rasp­berry aroma. Served chilled, notes of apple come through ahead of the tarter rasp­berry berry notes with a refresh­ingly thin sweet­ness of water­mel­on and flor­al rose­hip in the body before a light astrin­gency with white tea in the fin­ish. An after­taste of ber­ries lingers briefly on the pal­ate but without any sweet­ness. Overall, the ice tea is refresh­ing and bal­anced in terms of sweet­ness and tart­ness and per­fect for a hot summer’s day. As a bonus, there’s no added sugar.

This bottle of Watermelon Raspberry Freshly Brewed Ice Tea by Stolen Recipes con­tained 1 litre. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.