The Cider Lab Pink Lady Apple Cider

We enjoyed the Packham Pear Cider by The Cider Lab so immensely, we made it a pri­or­ity to try the company’s oth­er ciders, hop­ing for a sim­il­arly deli­cious exper­i­ence. This here is The Cider Lab Pink Lady Apple Cider. Pink Lady apples are known as the Queen of Apples in Australia with a sig­na­ture semi-sweet tart fla­vour.

The cider is a trans­lu­cent very pale straw col­our with a tart cider nose and mod­er­ate car­bon­a­tion. Served chilled, the mel­low sweet­ness of Pink Lady apples emerges with a cit­rus-like tart­ness in the body before the mild sweet­ness returns for a crisp and lightly astrin­gent fin­ish. There is no mis­tak­ing that this cider is made from Pink Lady apples, with the cider and car­bon­a­tion pick­ing up on the apple’s semi-sweet tart effer­ves­cent fla­vour.

While we weren’t as impressed with this Pink Lady Cider as we were with the Packham Pear Cider that’s mainly because standout apple ciders seem much easi­er to come by than standout pear ciders.

The pack­aging for The Cider Lab bottles is beau­ti­ful with a water­col­our paint­ing of Pink Lady apples prin­ted on the under­side of the back label so it shows through the cider.

This bottle of The Cider Lab Pink Lady Apple Cider con­tained 330 ml. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.