Special Reserve Wagyu Beef & Wasabi Cream by Red Rock Deli

Red Rock Deli released a Special Reserve range back in mid-2016 that were mar­keted as ‘ultra-deluxe potato crisps’ with a more subtle and com­plex fla­vour than their main line. We tried the Creamy Saffron & Sage when they came out, and now a year later, we try the Special Reserve Wagyu Beef & Wasabi Cream by Red Rock Deli that came out at the same time.

These crisps smell of was­abi straight from the pack­age, and have the piquant taste of was­abi right from the first bite. The was­abi fla­vour is creamy, remind­ing one of a was­abi may­on­naise with a hint of pep­per com­ing through in the body ahead of the pleas­ant savoury beef fla­vour of steak at the end of the body and leav­ing a slight heat from the was­abi and pep­per in the finish.

These crisps are impress­ive as the two key fla­vours are dis­tinct and iden­ti­fi­able, help­ing them live up to their ‘spe­cial reserve’ and ‘ultra deluxe’ descriptors. I’d have appre­ci­ated an even stronger was­abi fla­vour, but these crisps are tasty as they are.

This pack­age of Special Reserve Wagyu Beef & Wasabi Cream by Red Rock Deli con­tained 150 g. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.