Spanish Doughnuts, Parramatta

Spanish Doughnuts is a small chain of stores that spe­cial­ise in churros as a takeaway food court exper­i­ence rather than the sit down freshly made exper­i­ence from San Churro Chocolateria.

Rather than churros made to order, they offer premade churros decked out in vari­ous top­pings includ­ing this one here: Premium Cookies & Cream ($4.95), a churro with a car­a­mel centre, coated in milk chocol­ate, dus­ted with cook­ie crumbs and drizzled with white chocol­ate.

Essentially all the top­pings or ‘add-ons’ to this churro were tasty, but the churro itself was very doughy and dense and tasted even stale. Given the dens­ity of the churro, we’d have appre­ci­ated more a thick­er chocol­ate coat­ing to make it less dry. Perhaps it suffered dur­ing the 5 hours between when we bought it and ate it, but I’d have liked to think it could’ve held up longer.

Spanish Doughnuts is loc­ated at Level 5 Food Court, Westfield Parramatta, 159 – 175 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150.