Peters Maxibon Monster Cookie

There seems to release a new fla­vour of Maxibon every year. Launched in March 2017, it’s the Peters Maxibon Monster Cookie.

The Maxibon Monster Cookie fea­tures cook­ies and cream fla­voured ice cream sand­wiched between two bis­cuits at one end and chocol­ate coat­ing and crispy chocol­ate cook­ie crumbs at the oth­er.

The standout for this Maxibon is the chocol­ate bis­cuit. Unlike almost every oth­er Maxibon fla­vour, the bis­cuit remains firm and crispy and is not softened by the ice cream.

The bis­cuit has a good chocol­ate fla­vour, although the strength of that fla­vour masks the creamy cook­ies & cream fla­vour of the ice cream. On its own, though, the ice cream is creamy with a lightly savoury chocol­ate bis­cuit fla­vour through­out. While the ice cream does not beat the creamy deli­cious­ness that is the Connoisseur Cookies & Cream, the cook­ie crumbs in the enrob­ing chocol­ate add an extra deli­cious crunch to replace the crispy bis­cuit in the oth­er half. These Maxibon are deli­cious.

This pack­age of Peters Maxibon Monster Cookie con­tained 4 full-size bars or 620 ml. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.