Peters Maxibon Iced Coffee

Peters Maxibon Iced Coffee was launched back in January 2016. My enthu­si­asm to try the new fla­vour when it came out was dampened, alas, by the fact that it was avail­able exclus­ively as single serves at 7-Eleven for $4.00. Not one to pur­chase single-serve ice creams at con­veni­ence stores, I was stoked when they released it in super­mar­kets in early 2017.

Each ice cream has iced cof­fee fla­voured ice cream and chocol­ate sauce sand­wiched between two bis­cuits at one end and chocol­ate coat­ing and pea­nuts at the oth­er.

The iced cof­fee fla­voured ice cream has an enjoy­able sweet cof­fee fla­vour asso­ci­ated with iced cof­fees and none of the bit­ter­ness asso­ci­ated with espressos.

The chocol­ate coat­ing stud­ded with pea­nuts adds a delect­able crunch and nutty fla­vour to the oth­er­wise smooth ice cream, but it’s oth­er­wise neither here nor there in an iced cof­fee.

Once you reach the bis­cuit end of the ice cream, two rib­bons of chocol­ate sauce cre­ate a mocha-like iced cof­fee fla­vour. The bis­cuit is soft and sticky to the hands as with Maxibons gen­er­ally with no not­able fla­vour. Overall, these Iced Coffee Maxibons are enjoy­able, although there’s less cohes­ive­ness in the vary­ing ele­ments as in the Peters Maxibon Monster Cookie that keep you com­ing back for more.

This pack­age of Peters Maxibon Iced Coffee con­tained 4 full-size bars or 620 ml. It was pro­duced in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.