Patisserie New York, Earlwood

I lament the scarcity of good cake stores in Greater Western Sydney com­pared to the Inner West. I almost nev­er have reas­on to vis­it the Inner West, so I rely on N to share the joys with takeaway cakes. This time it’s from Patisserie New York.

We’re really here to relive N’s memory of their Lemon Meringue Tart ($5.90), a ‘cit­rusy lem­on curd baked in [their] sweet short­crust pastry and topped with waves of piped, scorched soft Italian meringue’.

The lem­on curd is sal­iv­at­ingly tart and zesty with lem­on fla­vour. It’s the deli­cious high­light, with the meringue adding only a soft­ness and sweet­ness to mel­low the sour­ness and the tart base itself being more of a vehicle for the lem­on curd than stand­ing on its own. The smooth lem­on curd, though, is enough to have us return.

Next up is the Lemon & Lime Tart ($5.90), ‘a smooth a cit­rusy lem­on and lime curd baked in [their] sweet short­crust pastry’.

The curd here is beau­ti­fully smooth and even tarter than the pre­vi­ous, reflect­ing the tangi­er and zesty fla­vour of limes. Without the meringue, this tart has a glaze although it’s pleas­antly unin­trus­ive.

To round off the tarts is the Passionfruit Tart ($5.90), with a ‘lus­cious pas­sion fruit curd baked in [their] sweet short­crust pastry and fin­ished with a trop­ic­al “sun­set“‘.

The pas­sion­fruit curd is bright with the fla­vour of the fruit — it’s notice­ably sweeter than the lem­on and lime curds but still light and vibrant with trop­ic­al notes of fresh pas­sion­fruit. Here, the glaze forms a sep­ar­able film, but it’s thin enough not to detract from my enjoy­able of the tart itself, unlike the one at Adriano Zumbo Patissier.

Finally, D’s pen­chant for rich desserts sees this Black Satin Mud Cake Wedge ($5.90), ‘a rich chocol­ate sponge cake, layered between chocol­ate ganache icing and enrobed with a sat­in fin­ish chocol­ate glaze’.

The cake is as rich and moist and fluffy as mud cakes get with a smooth chocol­ate ganache that brings it a step above super­mar­ket bought mud cakes.

Patisserie New York is the place to go for reli­ably good cakes.

Patisserie New York is loc­ated at 1/​22 Clarke St, Earlwood NSW 2206.